Important Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Windshield Today

Do you have a cracked, pitted, or chipped windshield? Have you been putting off getting it replaced due to the potential costs involved? A damaged windshield is more than just an annoyance when you drive. Depending on local statutes and how much damage there is, driving around with this windshield may be illegal. Fortunately, you may not need to replace your entire windshield. You may be able to simply repair it instead. If you're still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should have your windshield repaired as soon as possible:

Low cost: You probably already know that, due to the size of the glass involved, completely replacing a windshield can cost several hundred of dollars. Fortunately, auto glass repair can cost a fraction of that. Instead of replacing the whole sheet of glass, the repair technician will fill the damaged area or areas with a special epoxy. This epoxy has optical properties that are nearly identical to that of glass. As a result, once the epoxy cures, you shouldn't be able to tell which area was repaired. Due to the small amount of epoxy involved and the quick cure time, parts and labor costs for a repair are just a fraction of what you'd expect to pay for a whole replacement.

Fast: When your windshield needs to be replaced, you may wind up without your car for nearly an entire day. First, the shop will need to pull out the old window and scrape out the remains of the adhesive that was used to fix it into place. Then the new adhesive is applied, the windshield is inserted, and the adhesive needs to cure. Depending on the adhesive used by the shop, this can mean many hours before you can drive again. Driving before the adhesive is cured may cause the windshield to pop out of place when the brakes are applied. In contrast, auto glass repair is quick. The epoxy used typically has a very fast cure time, potentially allowing you to drive away within just a few minutes of it being applied.

Convenient: If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to fit a windshield replacement into your crowded week. You may have to borrow or rent a different vehicle while your vehicle's windshield is being replaced, just so that you can continue to run necessary errands. However, auto glass repair can be much more convenient. Instead of you going to the shop, you can often have the repair technician come to you. Because they need very little in the way of tools or supplies, they can go just about anywhere that they are needed. As a result, you can schedule the repair to happen at work, during your lunch break, or at home while your child is taking a nap.