Mobile Windshield Repair

A broken or cracked windshield or side window on your vehicle can not only pose potential safety risks but can also result in fines. To keep you and your passengers safe and potentially save yourself the trouble of a steep fine, it's important to take care of broken auto glass as soon as possible.

Don't wait!

It's important to address broken or cracked auto glass as soon as possible. A small chip or crack can grow quickly, and a large crack can pose serious risks to you and your passengers. Chips or cracks in your line of sight can obstruct your vision, and a cracked windshield can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Your windshield actually helps to support your roof, and a cracked windshield is more likely to fail and cause greater injury in an accident. For this reason, driving with cracked or broken auto glass is actually a ticketable offense and can lead to an expensive fine!

Repair or Replace? 

You may be surprised to know that you don't necessarily need a replacement! In some cases, chips or cracks may be repairable, and can save you quite a bit of money over a full replacement. Smaller chips and cracks are typically safe and easy to repair. Better news still is that depending on your insurance, they may even cover a repair free of charge!

For damage more severe than a small chip or crack, a replacement is in order. A crack will grow over time and become a serious safety risk to you as the driver, as well as to your passengers. Again, check with your insurance! While basic auto insurance typically will not cover a windshield replacement unless it was the direct result of an accident, a comprehensive plan might help you out depending on your deductible and the total cost of replacement. A full windshield replacement can range significantly in cost depending on the type of car you drive and whether you want them to use OEM glass in the replacement. 

Service that comes to you!

If you have the time, you can save a few bucks by bringing your car in to a local shop that handles auto glass replacement. However, for busy schedules, many businesses also offer mobile auto glass replacement services! You can keep your schedule on track by having your technician come to you for quick and convenient service, wherever you are.