Problems With Your Windshield: When It’s More Than A Nuisance And Illegal To Be Driving Your Vehicle Around

When you get a chip, crack or abrasion on your windshield, this can be more than a nuisance in Missouri. There are a number of regulations that you must follow regarding your windshield in Missouri, from how dark the tint can be to the size or any cracks or nicks that exist. In addition, you can't have anything on your windshield that gets in your visual way, except for the inspection sticker placed in the lower right corner. If you have noticed a crack or problem with your windshield, it's important to have it inspected to see if you can drive your car on the road legally before getting it repaired.

Your Windshield Must be Free of Shatters

Windshields made today are made of safety glass, but that doesn't mean the glass can't shatter at all. You can't drive around your vehicle if your windshield is shattered, or has any missing pieces in it. If there are any sharp edges, it's time to park your car and have the windshield repaired.

Look for Cracks that Radiate

When a rock or other hard object hits your windshield while driving on the highway, this can cause a windshield break that looks like a star. If you have damage to your windshield that has cracks that start at the point of impact and are reaching out, it's not safe to drive your vehicle. When you have this type of damage to your windshield, any further impact can make the windshield shatter.

Chips in the Glass

Sometimes you will get a small chip in your windshield. While one small chip is not a big problem, if there are two chips within three inches of each other, you have to have your windshield replaced. If you notice any chips on your windshield but they are not close together, check the chips periodically to make sure they aren't forming a crack.

Damage at the Bottom of Your Windshield

When the bottom four inches of your windshield contains cracks, chips or becomes discolored, it is illegal to continue driving your vehicle. Problems at the lower end of your windshield need to be addressed right away, even if they are small chips that aren't close together.

The bottom line is, if your line of sight is hindered, or your windshield has a number of cracks in it, it's time to get a new windshield in order to remain safe while driving a car. Contact companies like Glas Tek Windshield Repair for more information.