Learn How to Remove Stickers from the Rear Windshield of a Car

When you buy a used car, you may find that people have posted stickers on the rear window of the car to promote their views on one situation or another. If you do not share the same views or simply do not like the look of stickers on your car, you will need to remove the stickers right away. Use the guide below to learn a quick and easy process for removing stickers from your rear windshield.

Move Your Car to a Shady Area

You will need to saturate the stickers with a specific solution in order to remove them from the windshield. It is best to move your car to a shady area to ensure that the solution does not get dried by the sun after you spray it onto the stickers.

Carefully Divide the Stickers

If the stickers are very large, you need to cut slices into the surface of the stickers so that the solution can soak under them and dissolve the adhesive that is securing them to the glass. Use a razor blade to carefully cut stripes into the stickers, making sure not to let the blade scrape against the glass, as the blade could scratch the glass and ruin it.

Apply Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil is oil that is often used on rusty parts to make them work again. You can purchase it at any home-improvement store. Spray the oil liberally onto the stickers and allow the solution to sit in place for twenty to thirty minutes. You will know the stickers are ready to be removed when the edges can be pulled up freely from the glass.

Remove the Stickers

Place the side of an old gift card directly under the edge of one of the stickers. Scrape the card toward the sticker to pull it up from the glass. Repeat the process with the other stickers until all of them are removed from your windshield.

Clean the Glass

Once all of the stickers are removed, your glass will be an oily, filthy mess. Use soap and water to clean the glass, dry it, and then wash it again. You may have to repeat this process a few times, as oil can be difficult to clean up.

Once you are finished, you should not even be able to tell that there were ever stickers on the window. The entire process is not difficult to do and can be done within a very short period of time, and this makes it ideal for even the busiest vehicle owner.

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