Have A Damaged Windshield? What To Know Before Paying For a Replacement

Have you had damages to your windshield from a stone, fallen object, or from an auto collision? If so, there are some things you want to know before you pay full price to have your windshield replaced, and before you have your auto insurance policy cover the damages. It's important to get the damages fixed so your windshield doesn't become a safety concern and so you don't get ticketed by an officer. Here are a few of the things that you want to look into before you make a move.

Windshields Can be Repaired

If the windshield has a crack or a chip, and it isn't across the entire windshield, or if it's relatively small, the flaw may be repairable. This means that it can be treated so it doesn't spread any further, and so you don't have to replace the entire windshield. This will save you money and prevent you from needing to find a new windshield to fit your vehicle.

The severity of the damages, if the damages hinder your ability to see, or make the vehicle unsafe will determine if you need to replace it or you can repair it.

Insurance Deductibles Can be More Costly than Repairs  

Don't instantly call your auto insurance provider and pay your deductible to have your windshield replaced. First get a quote to see how much it's going to cost to have the area repaired or replaced, and then compare it to your deductible. If your deductible is over $300.00, then you may be overpaying to use your insurance. You also will then have made a claim on your policy, which can end up increasing the rates for months into the future, costing you even more money than what you would have had to pay to replace or repair on your own.

Windshield damages can occur all the time and easily, just because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have noticed that there are damages to your windshield don't delay getting the damages repaired, and instead make sure that you get an estimate right away. Glares from the cracks can cause problems with vision, and cold weather will make the cracks spread faster. Call your insurance company to see what you have to pay to get the repairs fixed, and figure out what the most practical option will be financially to get the windshield repaired